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Al Lawrence

School for Undergraduate Studies
  • Academic School:
    Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Academic Department:
    Social Science and Public Affairs
    • 518-783-6203 ext:2775
    • M.A. in Criminal Justice from University at Albany - State University of New York
    • J.D. in Law from Antioch University
    Subjects of Interest
    • Public Policy
    Professional Responsibilities / Bio

    Professor of Criminal Justice

    Associate Department Chair for Public Affairs

    Department of Social Science and Public Affairs

    School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

    • “A Murder That Mattered: Sam Sheppard, the Supreme Court and Free Press/Fair Trial,” 43 Journal of Supreme Court History 160 (2018)
    • “The (Very) Abbreviated Supreme Court Career of Edwin M. Stanton,” 42 Journal of Supreme Court History 154 (2017)
    • “The Brothers Peckham and the Politics of Judicial Nomination,” 39 Journal of Supreme Court History 22 (2014)
    • “Herbert Brownell, Jr.: The ‘Hidden Hand’ in the Selection of Earl Warren and the Government’s Role in Brown v. Board of Education,” 37 Journal of Supreme Court History 75 (2012)
    • “Biased Justice: James C. McReynolds of the Supreme Court of the United States,” 30 Journal of Supreme Court History 244 (2005)