Frieda Mendelsohn

School for Undergraduate Studies
  • Academic School:
    Science, Mathematics and Technology
  • Academic Department:
    Computer Sciences and Technology
    • 716-686-7800 ext:3852
    • M.A. in Economics from Washington University
    • B.A. in Economics from University of California at Los Angeles
    Subjects of Interest
    • Computer Science
    • Economics
    • Information Systems
    • Information Technology
    • Science, Technology & Society
    Professional Responsibilities / Bio


    My areas of interest are in the broad areas of systems and policy: economic, information, technology, and college. All of these areas involve problem-solving, including the definition of the problem, imagining alternatives, working through to the logical conclusions for each of the alternatives, highlighting tradeoffs, and evaluating options.

    In several cases, my interests lie at the intersection of one or more of these areas; e.g., Economic Issues and Strategies for IT (developed and taught for CDL) concerns economic concepts of information goods and network effects — both essential for understanding economics of information technology.