Jonathan Franz

Visiting Professor
School for Undergraduate Studies
  • Academic School:
    Social and Behavioral Sciences
    • 585-224-3200 ext:3298
    Subjects of Interest
    • Human Development
    • Psychology
    • Social Science
    Professional Responsibilities / Bio

    Dr. Jonathan Franz mentors students on topics in biological psychology, the field of neuroscience that examines the role of biological systems, particularly the nervous and endocrine systems, in mediating behavior and mental processes. Course titles include Biology of the Brain, Brain and Behavior, Biological Psychology, Neuropsychology, Developmental Neuroscience, Biology of Psychological Disorders, Psychopharmacology, The Aging Brain, Hormones and Behavior and related topics.


    Ph.D. Psychology, SUNY University at Buffalo (emphasis in Biopsychology)

    B.A.  Psychology, Hiram College, Ohio