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    Professional Responsibilities / Bio








    9/1/1992 to Present

    Empire State College


    Saratoga Springs, NY



    Center for Distance Learning – 1992 to 1997

    ·          Part-time tutor and course developer 1992 – 1994 

    ·          Part-time advisor, tutor and course developer 1994 – 1996


    Courses Taught:  Corporate Finance, Investments, Personal Finance, Marketing Sales and Promotion, Service Marketing, Marketing Principles.  Print – based, CAUCUS, Satellite over the world wide web and SLN.

    Conducted CBE evaluations



    FORUM EAST MANAGEMENT PROGRAM – Oct. 1994 to Feb 1999

    ·          Mentor/Lecturer (.25 FTE) Sept. 1994 – April 1997

    ·          Mentor/Lecturer (.50) April 1997 – Feb. 1999


    Courses Developed and Taught:  Business Ethics, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Strategies, Market Research, Creating a Competitive Edge -- The Influence of Marketing in the 1990s, International Marketing, Marketing Principles, and Advanced Topics, Marketing of Services Participated in the Competency-Based Management Program.

    Conducted CBE evaluations




    ·          Coordinator of the Cyprus (Lebanon) Residency Program (.50 FTE), April 1997 to June 1999

    ·          Ireland (Quest) Program Development Project (1.0 FTE), June 1998 to July 1998

    ·          Assistant Director for Administrative Services (1.0), Feb. 1999 to Jan. 2007

    ·          Director for Administrative Services (1.0), Jan. 2007 to Aug. 2010


    Courses Developed and Taught: Business Ethics, Consumer Behavior, Strategic Business Management, Marketing Strategies, Entrepreneurship, Market Research, Creating a Competitive Edge -- The Influence of Marketing in the 1990s, International Marketing, Marketing Principles, and Advanced Topics, Service Marketing.  Developed Learning Contracts and used Angel and other web delivery platforms available to the public at the time, i.e., whiteboard. 

    Conducted CBE evaluations



    NORTHEAST CENTER – Sept. 2010 to Jan. 2016

    ·          Unit Retention Coordinator (1.0 FTE) 


    Studies Groups and on-line – participating in developing and team-teaching Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Ethics with Saratoga Unit faculty March 2014 term. Taught sections of Management and Service Operations for CDL.


    Special Assignments, ITS committee work, and Training with Exec Vice President of OA/ITS (Fall 2014 – Dec 2015)

    ·          Property Business Plan development

    ·          Business Process Modeling (2015),

    ·          Organization Change (2015)

    ·          Preliminary work on PCI project (2015)




    ·          Project Coordinator (1.0 FTE)


    Professional Development –PMI - Project Management Training (2016),


    Major Enterprise Projects

    §   1 Stop Student Service program development June 2016 – Mar. 2019

    §   111 West Ave Renovation Project to set up 1 Stop Student Services (2016 – Mar. 2019)

    §   ePlus –PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance Readiness Assessment Phase 1 (2016)

    §   Mitel Telephone Transition and Installation (managed Administrative side of the project - 2017)

    §   Space Priority Allocation Committee – SPAC (2017 – present)

    §   General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR (2018 – present)

    §   SharePoint Site Development – SPAC, GDPR (2018 – present)


    Business Process Modeling –

    §   Student Life Cycle Model (collaboration with Stephanie Thomas)

    §   1 Stop Student Service Initiative

    §   Collegewide Inclement Weather Alert System

    §   Real Estate Strategy Committee Process Model (2016)

    §   Mitel Call Flow Models – Locations, Hunt groups and collegewide auto-attendants (2017)



                                                                                 Hudson Valley Community College

    6/1/1992 to 6/1/1998                                                                                                   




    Part-time Faculty in Business Department

    Courses Taught:  Accounting 1, Corporate Finance, Statistics, Computer Applications, Entrepreneurship, and Small Business Development and Principles of Marketing

    Curriculum Develop Appointed by Business Department Chair to assist in developing a comprehensive marketing curriculum for the Department.





    1986 to Present

     LJ Management Consult


     Saratoga Springs, NY 12866



    Business Consultant

    Administrative management consulting services to small businesses trying to stabilize operation and/or move to the next stage of growth.    (1986 part-time, 1991 established own firm)

    §   Strategic Management development

    §   Business policy reviews and procedure development

    §   Strategic Marketing plans

    §   Functional office procedural development and training programs







     University of North Texas

                          Denton, Tx


    ·          Concentrated in Strategic and Administrative Management

    ·          Awarded Teaching Assistant/Fellowship position – a position usually reserved for Ph.D. candidates.

    Courses Taught:  Principles of Management, Free Enterprise Systems, Production/Operation Management (Department Dean’s class) and Business Communications Theory and Practice.

    ·          Participated in projects being conducted in the University of North Texas Small Business Institute (SBI) during last year with college.  Due to accomplishments, was invited to interview for the Baylor University Small Business Institute upon completion of the degree.  Decided to move to the Northeast instead.



    Texas Woman’s University

                             Denton, Tx

    Bachelors of Social Work

    ·          Offered two full master scholarships from the Sociology and Statistics Departments.  Decided to seek employment



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