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Lynae Warren

Associate Professor
Department Chair
School for Undergraduate Studies
  • Academic School:
    Science, Mathematics and Technology
  • Academic Department:
    • 585-224-3259 ext:3259
    • PhD in Mathematics Education from North Carolina State University
    Subjects of Interest
    • Statistics
    • Hosie, L., Warren, L., and Edwards, A. (2018) From the classroom into the online space: Meeting the needs of developmental mathematics students. Published in the Proceedings of the 5th ERME Topic Conference, Mathematics in the Digital Age. Copenhagen, Denmark.
    • Warren, L. (2017) Self-selected learning communities for problem solving in online math courses. Published in the Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Mathematical Creativity and Giftedness. Nicosia, Cyprus.
    • Warren, L., (2015). (Ed.) Critical Thinking in Online Learning. Brockport, NY: Emerson & Brockway.
    • Warren, L., (2014). Math in Our World. Brockport, NY: Emerson & Brockway.
    • Sakshaug, L. (2013) Teaching Children Problem Solving. Brockport, NY: Emerson & Brockway.