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Wendy Painting

  • Academic School:
    Arts and Humanities
  • Academic Department:
    Historical Studies
    • 585-224-3200 ext:3212
    Subjects of Interest
    • American Studies
    • Cultural Studies
    • Historical Studies
    • Social Science
    • Writing
    Professional Responsibilities / Bio


    • Ph.D., American Studies, University of New York, Buffalo, 2013
    • M.A., Liberal Studies, University of New York, Brockport, Liberal Studies, 2008
    • B.S., English Literature, University of New York, Brockport, Liberal Studies, 2006



    • Lead Archivist and Legal Guardian. Cheri Seymour (Investigative Journalist/ Private Investigator) Private Collection. 2014 to Current
    • Lead Archivist and Legal Guardian. Aryan Republican Army / Peter Langan Private Collection, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 2009 to Current
    • Investigative Project Design and Research. Topic: Oklahoma City Bombing/ Timothy McVeigh. Sites: Oklahoma City/ Tulsa/ Muldrow, OK; Austin/ Waco/ Houston, TX; Kingman, AZ; St. George, UT; Las Vegas, NV; Herington, KS; Fort Smith, AR; Miami/ Ft. Lauderdale/ Tampa, Florida. Buffalo, NY. 2008 to 2016
    • Archival Research. American Terrorist Collection. Friedsam Memorial Library, Saint Bonaventure University, Allegany, New York. 2012
    • Archival Research. Stephen Jones Collection. Dolph Briscoe Center For American History, University of Texas, Austin. 2007 to 2011
    • Internship. Randforce Associated LLC., University of Buffalo Technology Incubator. Director Michael Frisch, Ph.D., Oral History Methods and Data Processing (Project Design, Field Interviews, Transcribing, Coding, Cataloging). 2010
    • Archival Research. Investigative Journalism Collection: Branch Davidian Standoff. National Security Archives, George Washington University, Washington, D.C., 2008


    NOTABLE INTERDISCIPLINARY GRADUATE COURSEWORK (speaks to my past and current interests)

    • New Ethnographic Methods, Dept. of American Studies, 2010
    • Applied Cultural Analysis, Dept. of Anthropology, 2010
    • Field Methodology, Dept. of American Studies, 2010
    • Oral History, Dept. of American Studies, 2010
    • History of Domestic Intelligence and Counterintelligence (Independent Study), Dept. of American Studies, 2010
    • History of American Assassinations and Assassins (Independent Study), Dept. of American Studies, 2010
    • Time and Culture, Dept. of Anthropology, 2009
    • Legal Research, Investigation, Documentation and Writing (Internship/ Independent Study), Dept. of American Studies, 2009
    • Armed Forces and Society, Dept. of Sociology, 2008
    • Violence and Non-Violence, Dept. of Anthropology, 2008
    • Criminology, Dept. of Sociology, 2008
    • Cold War Domestic Intelligence (Independent Study), Dept. of History, 2008
    • Literature of Revolution (Independent Study), Dept. of English, 2007
    • Violence in Art, Dept. of General Studies, 2007
    • Political Rhetoric, Dept. of Political Science, 2007
    • Science Fiction Issues, Dept. of English, 2007
    • History of War and Terrorism, Dept. of History, 2007



    • Aberration In The Heartland, a screenplay based on book by same name (see below), as written by myself and in collaboration with various published artists (to be listed upon finalization of contract), 2019 to Current

    • REDACTED (working title). Under contract and to be published by TrineDay upon completion, In Progress. 2014 to Current (excepted completion by Jan. 2021)

    • Aberration In The Heartland Of The Real: The Secret Lives Of Timothy McVeigh, a book published by TrineDay, April 2016
    • Research/ Lead Consultant. RochesTarot, a tarot deck and accompanying book designed and self-published in March 2016 by Jay Lincoln, Illustration Professor, Rochester Institute Of Technology, Rochester, New York. 2015 to 2016