Alan Mandell

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    Center for Mentoring, Learning & Academic Innovation
  • Manhattan Metro, Saratoga Springs
  • (800) 847-3000 Ext. 1255

Alan Mandell is College Professor of Adult Learning and Mentoring, and was the first Susan Turben Chair in Mentoring at SUNY Empire State College. For more than four decades, Mandell has served as administrator, mentor in the social sciences, and director of the college’s Mentoring Institute. He edits the college journal, All About Mentoring and is also co-editor (with Nan Travers) of the on-line journal, PLA Inside-Out. Mandell regularly makes presentations at conferences and trainings on adult learning, mentoring and experiential learning and has served as a consultant/reviewer on many projects. With Elana Michelson, Mandell is the author of two editions of Portfolio Development and the Assessment of Prior Learning. With Lee Herman, he has written From Teaching to Mentoring: Principle and Practice, Dialogue and Life in Adult Education. Mandell and Xenia Coulter have written essays, reviews and led many workshops. Their volume on John Dewey’s Experience & Education was recently published as part of the “New Directions for Adult & Continuing Education” series.  With Katherine Jelly, Mandell edited the book, Principles, Practices, and Creative Tensions in Progressive Higher Education: One Institution’s Struggle to Sustain a Vision. In 2009, Mandell was honored by the Adult Higher Education Alliance with the Eugene Sullivan Award for Leadership in Adult Higher Education. He is the recipient of the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (2001), the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Services (1991) and the Excellence in Mentoring Award (2000). 


  • B.A. in History from University of Chicago
  • M.A. in Sociology from New School for Social Research