Gina Torino

Gina C. Torino, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology received her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University in 2009. She has authored numerous scholarly articles, book chapters and peer reviewed studies on the teaching strategies used to cultivate culturally competent clinicians; processes of White racial identity development; and the manifestation and impact of microaggressions. Her new co-edited book, “Microaggression Theory: Influence and Implications,” (Torino, Rivera, Capodilupo, Nadal, Sue, 2019) presents cutting-edge reviews of microaggression research, explore controversies surrounding the theory, discuss its relationship to the sociopolitical dynamics of our society, and offer solutions in combating microaggressions at the individual, institutional, and societal levels. Finally, she is a licensed psychologist in the state of New York. For more information including a list of selected publications, blogs, and interviews, please visit:


  • Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University