Karen Garner has been teaching various history, women's studies and global studies courses at Empire State College since 2005. Garner studied U.S. Foreign Relations and Modern China and conducts research and writing on women's international history topics. She has offered courses for students at Empire State College on the following topics: American Environmental History; American Historiography and Methods; American Women's History; Gendering the Global Refugee Crisis; Global Women Leaders; Global Feminist Movements; History of Global Governance; History of Social Welfare in the US; History Senior Thesis; Modern China; Sex and Gender in Global Perspective; Women and the American Revolution; Women in Modern Europe; Women in the Middle East; Women's Human Rights and Educational Planning.

She is the author of five books that focus on these wide-ranging historical topics. Most recently, Bloomsbury Academic Press published her textbook titled, Women and Gender in International History: Theory and Practice in  June 2018 and Manchester University Press published her monograph titled Friends and Enemies: The Allies and Neutral Ireland in the Second World War in June 2021. She has been awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant twice. In spring term 2003, she taught at the Gender Studies Centre at Vilnius University in Lituania, and, in fall term 2014, she taught at the English and American Studies Institute at the University of Pannonia in Hungary.  



  • M.A. in Humanities from University of Texas at Dallas
  • Ph.D. in History from University of Texas at Austin