Thanks to all for a wonderful 11 years.

I am now teaching 40 students per year during the Spring term only, with selections from the below as well as Independent Studies in both Graduate and Undergaduate programs (some of these may also be taught by others during Fall and Summer terms). You can also call on me for PLAs in various topics, including Yoruba religion:

For the Global Indigenous Knowledge Certificate

  • INDG-4025 Roots & Routes of African Diaspora Resistance
  • INDG -3020 Living History: Little Bighorn from a Cheyenne Perspective
  • LITR-3080 Native American Literature
  • INDG-4010 Native American Plants: Decolonizing Indigenous Knowledge
  • INDG-4015 Native American Women’s Studies
  • INDG-3005 Anishinaabe Studies: History, Culture, and the Environment
  • INMS-4025 Endangered Languages

Other Studies

  • GSST-1005 Introduction to Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  • HIST-3440 American Ethnic History
  • CUST-3177 Water: Local and Global Perspectives
  • INMS-3040 African American Experience
  • INMS-3998 or 4998 Individualized Studies in Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary Studies
  • INDG 4998 Individualized Studies in Indigenous Studies

Please email for independent studies.


  • M.A. in Women's Studies (Arts & Literature) from University at Albany - State University of New York
  • M.A in English (Creative Writing) from University at Albany - State University of New York
  • Ph.D. in English (“Ori and the Ethical Subject: Pro Indigenous Readings of African Diaspora Literature in Yoruba”) from University at Albany - State University of New York